Switchboards | Hanover Systems


IEC 61439 - Keeping pace with the rcent changes to IEC 60439, Hanover Systems are fully certified to build electrical assemblies which comply with the latest safety and performance standards.

From 100A Form 2 Switchboards to 6300A Form 4 Type 7 Switchboards Hanover Systems design and manufacture a varied range of switchgear to accommodate our client’s requirements. 

Schneider Electric: As Northern Ireland’s sole appointed Authorised System Assembler we are able to provide certified Fully Type Tested Solutions ensuring that quality is an integral part of all our products.

At Hanover Systems we recognise and appreciate that not all our customer’s needs are the same. We work closely with our customers ensuring that we not only deliver a product but provide an engineered solution.

With a customer base including hospitals, banks, schools, British Embassies, government facilities and data centres, our quality of service and products ensure we retain our customers loyalty and future business.