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Company Overview

About Hanover Systems

Hanover Systems are based in Belfast. We are an innovative company specialising in HV & LV Power Distribution, Total Building Control, Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Efficiency Solutions. Our staff has over 130 years combined experience across our range of services.


Company Values

At Hanover Systems high standards are maintained by consistantly adhearing to our Company Values:

Responsive:  Consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our clients & colleagues.  

Integrity:      Trustworthy, matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Teamwork:   Working together through relationships built on trust, respect and effective communication.

Quality:         Ensuring our service and products provide the quality expected as a market leading manufacturer.

Innovative:   Progressive, a forward thinking business, integrating the latest products and technology.


About Our Clients

Our clients include hospitals, banks, airports, data centres, schools, universities, retail, factories, churches and numerous government facilities.

As a privately owned business we are able to offer a personal touch and tailor solutions that meet our client’s needs from design through to project delivery. Our wide scope of products enables us to provide multi-product solutions from power distribution to controlling and managing building energy usage.